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I organize your symbolic ceremony in accordance with your wishes and your most important and meaningful values.

    The ceremony is totally tailor-made and planned with you in every detail: words of wisdom, readings, speeches, personal wedding vows, and interaction with family and friends, for this important moment of your life can be really original, unique, and unforgettable.

      Choose your ideal location: a historical building, a wonderful beach, your favorite venue, restaurant or hotel, a beautiful garden, your home. Probably, there are no limits to a symbolic ceremony, but its feasibility. It could be a more radical adventure: a boat on the Ocean, a rock, a special spot in Nature. I’ll be there, to celebrate your touching and romantic ceremony, as you dream.

    I am available all over the country and in the islands, in Portuguese, Italian, English,   bilingual.

     You will receive a Marriage Certificate.

     I’m a specialist in elopement weddings.

The ceremony can be enriched with traditional rituals :

     Unity candle ceremony. The bride and groom each have a candle, and there is a third, main one between them. The bride and groom light each other’s candles, and together they light the main one. The merging flames will show their unity and strengthened love and shared lives. This fusion of energy will feed the marriage.


Rito da areia

Sand Ceremony. Its meaning is simple and beautiful: two becoming one, the new family. The bride and groom mix two different colors of sand into one container, a shaped glass vase. Thus the grooms symbolize their lives and hearts entwined. The mixed sands create a beautiful effect of colors, and the glass vase will be a nice decorative souvenir.



Love letters and wine box

Wine box and Love Letters ceremony. Both the bride and groom write their matrimonial vows; the guests write wishes messages. Vows and messages are locked in a box with a special bottle of wine. The box will be opened on the first, third or fifth anniversary, it’s your decision; the grooms will share a drink of wine and read the vows they wrote for each other, and their guests’ messages.


Rose ceremony. The bride and groom each have a red rose. The bride and groom swap their roses as the first gift to each other before placing them together into a vase. The rose will be the symbol and the language of their love.



Ring Warming Ceremony. Before being exchanged by the grooms, the rings are passed around by the guests, who hold them in their hands, in silence, for a while, thinking something beautiful about the grooms, such as a wish, a little blessing or a prayer. So energized and warmed by the love of family and close friends, the rings are brought back to the altar, to be exchanged by the grooms.

Algarve-Casamento Dream Day Wedding Planner-Foto Golden Days Photography

Handfasting. Particularly known for Pagan wedding ceremonies, handfasting is the joining of the bride and groom’s hands and wrists using three ribbons tied into a knot. It’s often said that this is where we get the expression “tying the knot” from, and it takes place at the end of the wedding ceremony, that is from the vows moment on, to strengthen the promise from one person to the other to bind their lives together. After the ceremony,  the ribbons will be set in a special box.





Quaich ritual. 

It’s a part of the tradition of Celtic hospitality, welcoming guests with a drink from a quaich. Sharing a cup was also seen as a sign of trust between the people drinking from it: because it’s offered and taken with both hands, the drinker could not hold a weapon at the same time and the sharing of the drink was also a guarantee that it hadn’t been poisoned. The bride and the groom choose their preferred drink. Drinking from the same cup, a gesture of sharing and pleasure, symbolizes the couple’s wish to share their lives and all the experiences deriving from marriage, sweet and less sweet. It formalizes the agreement between them, symbolizing the fusion of their families.

   The Cord of Three Strands Ceremony (God’s knot). This ritual symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage relationship. Couples with strong spiritual beliefs may want to add this ritual to their ceremony. By keeping God at the center of the marriage, His love will bind the grooms together as one, throughout their married life. The gold strand, the central one, represents God; the white strand represents the bride and her purity; the purple strand represents the groom. He holds the three strands together, while the bride braids them. The Celebrant will use the braid to bond the couple, tying their hands together with a special knot, up to the end of the ceremony.      

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